Ballina District Hospital

Ballina District Hospital is a rural community hospital providing a wide range of public healthcare services.

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Ballina Hospital Patient Information Guide

Location: Cherry Street, Ballina, NSW 2478, Australia
Hours of Service: Open 24 hour of day, 365 days per year
Visiting Hours: General hours 10am to 8pm. See individual wards/units for location specific times
Contacting Us: Phone: (02) 6620 6400; fax (02) 6686 6731
Parking: Onsite accessible parking is available from the Cherry Street entrance. Limited onsite parking is available via the Cherry and Moon Street entrances. Parking restrictions apply for on-street parking and please refer to street signs.


Hospital Personnel


Executive Officer/Director of Nursing – Peter Jeffree – (02) 6620 6400

Director of Medical Services – Dr Katherine Willis-Sullivan – (02) 6620 2353

Deputy Director of Nursing – Denise McCall – (02) 6620 6202