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Myron Midwifery Group Practice

We are a team of midwives who provide care through a Midwifery Group Practice (MGP). MGP provides continuity of care to well women through pregnancy, during and after labour and birth.

We work closely with local GPs, obstetricians, nurses, social workers, physiotherapists, and family child health nurses.

We provide care to well women and their families in the Byron Shire and surrounding areas who are accepted into this model of pregnancy care.

We are a Level 2 service, which means we can care for most well women and babies during pregnancy and after the birth. Well women can give birth here after 37 weeks and before 42 weeks of pregnancy. We also offer publicly funded home birth as an option for eligible women.

We do not have a nursery for sick babies or a maternity ward to stay beyond the first few hours following birth. If you, or your baby need more specialised care you will be transferred to a hospital within our network. This is usually the Tweed hospital.

The Midwifery Group Practice is a 24-hour, 7 day a week service.

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How to find us

The birthing centre is located within Byron Central Hospital.

As you enter the hospital main entry take the first corridor to your left.

We are located halfway down this corridor on the right-hand side.

How does Midwifery Group Practice work?

You are partnered with a registered midwife (also called your primary midwife) for your pregnancy and birth. Your primary midwife cares for you during your pregnancy (antenatal care), your labour and birth, and for you and your baby for up to a month after birth (postnatally).

A secondary 'back-up' midwife or midwives provide cover, and there may be assistance from doctors when needed.

We value pregnancy and birth as normal healthy events. We aim to give low intervention care to support you to have a normal birth. This means we do not use certain medications (like epidurals) or tools (like continuous foetal monitoring) or perform caesarean sections. If any of these are recommended, we will work with our support hospitals to get you the right care in the right place at the right time.

Continuity of maternity care promotes:

  • trusting and respectful partnerships between you and your midwives
  • a focus on your individual needs, expectations, and aspirations
  • the inclusion of partners, family, and other important people care that is 'holistic', encompassing your social, emotional, physical, psychological, spiritual, and cultural needs.
What options of pregnancy care are available at Byron Central Hospital?

Find out more about choices for your pregnancy and birth.

Your options for pregnancy care will depend on a few things. These include where you live, your nearest hospital, and your health care needs.

Can I have MGP care at Byron?

To be able to receive (be eligible) for pregnancy and birth care with Byron MGP you need to:

  • be healthy and have no complications during your pregnancy or labour. We call this 'normal risk'
  • live within the Byron catchment area
  • begin care with us before your 34th week of pregnancy and have had regular pregnancy care.

Other MGP programs are available in northern NSW.

Complete the MGP online enquiry form or call to speak to a midwife.

Pregnancy care

Our MGP team has seven registered midwives who work in three teams. You will be allocated a primary midwife. You and your primary midwife will meet regularly during your pregnancy at Byron hospital or in the community. During your pregnancy you will also meet the other midwives in your team, who may be present at your birth.

Our MGP team works closely with doctors at our referral hospital; The Tweed Hospital (TTH). Our midwives have regular team meetings with an obstetrician from TTH. If there are any concerns during your pregnancy you can meet with an obstetrician. The obstetrician may make recommendations and you will have the chance to discuss your care preferences.

Our care

We aim to care and support you throughout your pregnancy. We want to help you prepare physically and mentally for your labour and parenting.

Continuity of care is a partnership; we will always provide you with information and time so that you are able to make informed choices about your care.

You can expect respectful interactions and safe physical examinations of you and your baby.

Labour and birth

You have the choice of birthing in one of our rooms at Byron Central Hospital or birthing in your own home. All our midwives are accredited to support water immersion during labour and water birth.

Byron Central Hospital also offers publicly funded home birth. Read more about our home birth program.

Care following birth

If you and your baby are both well, you will go home four hours after birth. If you or your baby require a longer stay, we will coordinate your transfer to another hospital. This is usually TTH.

Over the first week, your midwife will visit you at home regularly. We will continue to support you for up to four weeks after your baby's birth. How often we visit will depend on your individual needs. You will leave our service after one month.

We work alongside child and family health nurses who will support you with your new baby. These services are available through our Community Health centres.

Our expectations of you

We take a holistic and trust-based approach to care. We ask that you be honest with us and that you hold a strong belief in the natural birthing process and the value of breastfeeding.

The more health information you can share with us, the better the advice we can give.

We ask that you seriously consider all recommendations that we make regarding your care and that of your baby.

If you need more specialised care

A small number of women and babies may need extra care. If our hospital cannot provide the care that you and your baby need, we will talk with you about your options. We will give you as much time as possible to ask questions.

For example, if induction of labour is recommended, you would like pain relief during labour (epidural), or we are concerned about you or your baby after birth.

We have pathways to ensure you and your baby receive the care you need.

Depending on the reason for transfer, we will organise an ambulance and a midwife may travel with you to anther hospital that can provide you with the care you require. This is normally TTH. We have services available like social work and Aboriginal liaison officers that can help your family with organising transport, accommodation, and financial help.

We understand it is important for mothers and babies to stay together and be cared for as close to home as possible. We know it can be difficult for your family if you need to move to a hospital further from home.

We encourage you to ask questions about your individual situation. Take time to consider our recommendations.

Once you leave the hospital, your midwife will usually be able to provide postnatal care for you and your baby at home.

Myron Midwifery Group Practice suite