Murwillumbah Birth Centre

So now you’re pregnant, Congratulations!

Welcome to the Murwillumbah Birth Centre. Our Maternity service is designed to support you throughout your pregnancy, birth & the first few weeks of parenting, to empower confident and successful family life.

With panoramic views over the Border Ranges and Tweed River flood plains, Murwillumbah Birth Centre provides high quality midwifery care for healthy women seeking a natural birth.

  • Based at Murwillumbah District Hospital we are a group of experienced Midwives giving holistic care throughout your pregnancy. One of our Midwives will co-ordinate with you recommended visits during your unique journey to parenthood.
  • Throughout your pregnancy you’ll get to know your Midwife. Parents report greater levels of satisfaction with a known care provider, as you are central to your care.
  • Care is provided at the Murwillumbah Hospital and at home. Pregnancy care is usually at the hospital, but can also be in your home. You’ll come into the hospital for your birth. After the birth care is provided at home. The group is on call for any concerns, the labour and for a month after your birth.
  • Midwifery care is suitable and beneficial when health and pregnancy is straightforward. Midwives work in collaboration with, and can refer to, other publically funded care providers such as physiotherapy, parent educator, lactation consultant, Child and Family Health Nursing, Social Work and to Tweed Byron Obstetricians, with whom we work closely, within NSW Health’s Guidance. If your pregnancy or labour is not straightforward we speak with an Obstetrician and organise your transfer of care if needed.
  • This service is publicly funded! All you need is your Medicare card and it’s free!
  • The philosophy of midwifery continuity of care is that pregnancy and birth is a celebrated beginning to family life. A normal yet extraordinary experience, which Midwives feel they are privileged to share.
  • We recognise that each woman’s pregnancy, needs and expectations are unique and individual. We provide midwifery care that is personal and professional in a warm, family friendly environment.
  • A holistic approach is one of trust in the innate wisdom of the woman, baby and process of birth. We know that each woman has her own intuition and inherent power to give birth. Our role is one of partnership with women and their families throughout a natural rite of passage.
  • It is well evidenced that women birth well when they feel safe, relaxed and loved with people they know and trust. It is understood that when women are undisturbed in a safe and relaxed environment that the hormones orchestrating birth are not interrupted, supporting the normal and safe progression of birth. Murwillumbah Midwives are committed to supporting you in experiencing choice and autonomy. As a public health service, we operate within the same risk management framework as Tweed Byron Health Service Group.
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(02) 6672 0108

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  • GP Share Care available
  • Home Visits available up to 40 minutes distance from Murwillumbah Hospital
  • Referral letter is not necessary

Location of Service

Murwillumbah District Hospital Ewing Street, Second Floor, Murwillumbah, NSW 2484, Australia

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