Byron Community Birthing Service

Byron Community Birthing Service (BCBS) is committed to natural birthing for healthy pregnant women. All women are partnered with a primary midwife, who follows them through pregnancy (antenatal), birth and postnatally (after the birth).  6 Midwives work in 2 teams of 3.  You meet each Midwife in your team.

It is the philosophy of the Byron Community Birthing Service to view pregnancy and birth as normal healthy events in a woman’s life, unless complications present. Therefore if pregnancy and labour progress normally, Byron Community Birthing Service believes that adopting an attitude of care, safety and low intervention, provides the best opportunity to enhance the birthing experience of each family unit.

Byron Community Birthing Service practises continuity of maternity care and carer so as to promote woman centred care:

  • By fostering a trusting and mutually respectfulpartnership between the woman and her care provider.
  • By focussing on the woman’s individual, unique needs, expectations and aspirations.
  • By encompassing the needs of the baby, the woman’s family, her significant others and community, as identified and negotiated by the woman herself.
  • That is ‘holistic’ in terms of addressing the woman’s social, emotional, physical, psychological, spiritual, and cultural needs and expectations. (Leap 2000).
Our Service
As a health service, within the Tweed Byron Maternity Service we work under the same risk management framework. We are therefore obliged to inform you of our policies and guidelines and how they will affect your choices in pregnancy and birth care. Throughout your care it is important that you discuss your expectations and specific preferences so that we can ensure that your needs are met.In some cases it is useful to discuss your preferences and care with our doctors to negotiate a safe and satisfying outcome.Can I birth on the BCBS? Yes if;
  • You are experiencing a healthy ‘low risk’ pregnancy
  • You have a Medicare card (or if not you can arrange with the hospital to pay privately for your care)
  • You begin your pregnancy care with the BCBS before 34 weeks
  • You live within the BCBS catchment area
  • You are not seeking a breech, VBAC or twin birth
Antenatal Care
You and your primary midwife meet throughout your pregnancy for antenatal visits at the hospital or at your home. You also meet the midwives in your team during your pregnancy, who may be present at your birth.
Our Aim
The aim of our care is to enjoy your pregnancy with you, and help you in partnership with us prepare physically and mentally for your labour and parenthood. We achieve this by incorporating discussions, education, and positive attitudes when providing friendly, respectful interactions and physical examinations of you and your baby. We will provide you with information to assist you in making informed choices regarding your care during pregnancy, birth and early parenting.
Our Expectations of You
Our care encompasses a holistic approach and is one based on trust. We ask that you be honest with your communications with us, and that you hold a strong belief in the natural birthing process and the value of breastfeeding. We also ask that you seriously consider any recommendations that we make regarding your care.
Labour and Birth
You contact your midwife once you are in labour, and she meets you at the Birth Centre or at home if you are having a homebirth,  to provide care during your labour. She attends your birth with the back up midwife. The doctor will attend the labour or birth if needed for birth centre births. All staff are accredited to perform water births.
After the Birth
Your midwife will discuss with you discharging home 4-6 hours after the birth of your baby.  Alternately you can stay at the hospital with care from your midwife and the hospital staff. Your midwife will visit you for the first 7 days and then as required for 6 weeks until you and you baby are discharged from the program.
More Information
If you would like more information about this program please contact the BCBS midwives on:-
(02) 6639 9580

To contact the Midwifery Group Practice in Northern NSW:

Byron Community Birthing Service
Byron Central Hospital
02 6639 9580