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Financial assistance

Caring has many direct and hidden financial costs, which can stretch the budget. Financial assistance may be available to offset or directly subsidise some of the costs, even if only to a small extent. There may also be assistance to help with the cost of obtaining aids and equipment.

 Types of financial assistance which may be available through Centrelink include:

  • Carer Payment - an income support payment to carers who are unable to work while caring for an adult or child who has a disability, is chronically ill or is frail aged, and needs fulltime care and attention. This payment is income and asset tested.
  • Carer Allowance - a supplementary payment for carers who provide daily care and attention for an adult or child who has a disability, is frail aged, or is chronically ill. A carer allowance can be paid on top of a carer payment (it is not means tested). If you receive a carer payment for a child aged under 16 years you will automatically be eligible for a carer allowance.
  • Rent Assistance - may be available for people who receive a payment such as a carer payment and pay rent for private accommodation.
  • Disability Support Pension - for people who are unable to work full-time for at least two years because of a disability.
  • Concession Cards - Pensioner Concession Card (PCC) and Health Care Card (HCC). If a carer payment or allowance is granted, you or the person you care for may be entitled to one of these cards. PCC and HCC cards entitle the holder to many concessions including prescription medicines, transport fares, rates, power bills and car registration.
  • NSW Companion Card - assists people with a significant and permanent disability who require attendant care at events and venues, to participate without having to pay for a second ticket for their carer at affiliated organisations.


To make an application, visit https://www.companioncard.nsw.gov.au/ or phone 1800 893 044.

  • Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA) - provides financial assistance to veterans, war widows, or widowers, and their families and carers. Contact the DVA on 133 254 or 1800 555 254.