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Feelings about caring

The constant demands of a caring role and the many changes in family life may bring about a range of feelings and emotions. 

People may feel a sense of satisfaction about being a carer, though at times many carers say they can feel overwhelmed.  These emotions can sometimes be difficult to cope with, but these feelings are a natural and normal reaction to caring. 

Some of the feelings carers often say they experience are:

Feeling overwhelmed, confused and shocked by:

  • The diagnosis of illness or disability, especially at first
  • Finding yourself caring and realising the changes that caring for someone will bring to your life

Feeling guilty for:

  • Believing you bear some responsibility for the person’s disability or illness
  • Not wanting to be a carer
  • Lost tempers and harsh words
  • Needing a break from caring
  • Placing the person that you care for in residential care
  • Feeling resentful over doing the same things every day

Feeling afraid about:

  • What will happen if you don’t cope?
  • Picking up your life when your caring role ends
  • What happens if you get sick?

Feeling sadness for:

  • Loss of a relationship with the parent, husband, wife, partner or child you once knew
  • Loss of the life you once knew and plans for the future
  • Loss of opportunities for the person you are caring for