Community and Stakeholder Engagement Framework

NNSW LHD Community and Stakeholder Engagement Framework

The Northern NSW Executive and Board have endorsed a Community and Stakeholder Engagement Framework for the NNSW LHD.
Section 1 of this Framework provides an overview of the formal structures for Community and Stakeholder Engagement established by the NNSW LHD Board and Executive and Section 2 provides some supporting guidelines for NNSW LHD Staff and Management in considering Community or Stakeholder Engagement at the local facility, network and service level.

This Framework is a living document and sections of the document will be updated to accommodate changes as they occur.

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 During the consultations on the Framework a suggestion of a document aimed at community members was raised.  A two page ‘Be Involved’ flyer has been endorsed by the Board and Executive for use by Hosptials and Services aimed at informing and encouraging more Community members to be involved in their local health services. 

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