Clinical Genetics

Genetic counselling is the provision of information and support regarding genetic disorders, birth defects, health concerns or test results relating to the individual or their family. This may involve the diagnosis of a genetic condition and supportive counselling to assist decision making and the adjustment process that occurs when a condition is new to a family or individual. These include inherited and sporadic genetic disorders.

Genetic disorders contribute to mortality and chronic disability and because of their familial nature, a burden of disease and/or risk of recurrence in other family members. Genetic Counsellors work in collaboration with visiting Clinical Geneticist, Genetic Specialists and other local medical and allied health professionals. Genetic counselling may occur via telephone counselling or by appointment at a genetic clinic.

Genetic Counselling is growing rapidly in demand as the genetic components of a number of conditions are identified. The discovery of familial subsets in common chronic diseases and the increase in public awareness about the roles genes play in health will also fuel the increase in demand for service. As demand for Genetic Services increases issues of service availability and access in rural areas will need to be addressed.


To access information about Clinical Genetics services in your local area, please follow the link to Genetic Counselling – NNSW LHD Community Health Service Directory