Disaster Management + Pandemic Preparedness

The NSW State Disaster Plan (Displan) details emergency preparedness, response and recovery arrangements for New South Wales to ensure a coordinated response to emergencies by all agencies with responsibilities and functions in emergencies.

NSW HEALTHPLAN identifies the NSW Health emergency management arrangements to coordinate a whole of health response in the event of an emergency.

NSW HEALTHPLAN covers five main health service areas (Medical Services, Ambulance Services, Mental Health Services, Public Health Services and Health Communications)to provide a whole of health response, incorporating all hazards and outlining agreed roles and functions. NSW Health is the combat agency for all health emergencies within NSW.

The North Coast Public Health Unit is responsible for roll out of all activities in relation to the NSW Health Influenza Pandemic Plan. The NSW Health Influenza Pandemic Plan provides guidance on a range of strategic response activities for NSW Health staff and agencies to effectively prepare for and respond to an influenza pandemic, in order to minimise the adverse health impacts on the NSW population and reduce the burden and disruption to health-related services in NSW.

NSW Health Influenza Pandemic Plan:
New South Wales Health Services Functional Area Supporting Plan (NSW HEALTHPLAN):