Disease outbreaks in Aged Care Facilities and Nursing Homes

The North Coast Public Health Unit can assist Aged Care Facilities to respond to outbreaks of infectious diseases and other public health matters.

Chief Executive Officers (CEO), Managers and Healthcare providers within aged care facilities have responsibilities under the Public Health Act 2010 to report cases of notifiable diseases.

Please report cases directly to the Public Health Officer at your nearest Public Health Unit on:

1300 066 055 during business hours,or phone0439 882 752 after hours.

The Public Health Act 2010 aims to improve infectious disease control in NSW through improved disease notification procedures. Your local Public Health Unit should be notified at the first suspicion of any presumed infectious disease outbreaks. At all times, you should advise receiving Hospitals and the Ambulance Services prior to transferring any presumed infectious residents.

We recommend that you contact the Public Health Unit immediately if you identify a second case of a presumed infectious disease within your facility. Appropriate infection control practices should be implemented immediately in all instances of presumed infectious disease.

There are a number of excellent resources available to guide response to outbreaks, notification procedures and the role of the Public Health Unit. These include: