The links below provide information and answers some common questions about a range of topics you may encounter during your pregnancy. Please talk with your midwife or doctor about your situation and what matters to you. We encourage you to ask questions and take time to consider your options.

Preparing for Birth

Deciding on who will care for you during pregnancy and where you want to give birth is an important decision you will need to make. Here you will find some information on what options are available to you

Information to help guide decision making

Shared Decision Making

It is always okay to ask questions!

BRAND is a handy memory prompt for questions you might like to ask us.

  • B stands for BENEFITS – What are the benefits of each option in my situation?
  • R stands for RISKS – What are the risks of each option in my situation?
  • A stands for ALTERNATIVES – What alternatives might I have to what is being offered? (There are always alternatives!)
  • N stands for NOTHING – What if I do nothing? Doing nothing, or ‘wait and see’ is always an option. N can also stand for NOW? – Do I need to make this decision now? Taking time to consider your options, even if only for a few minutes, might be valuable to you.
  • D stands for DECISION – What is my decision?