Paediatric Outpatient Services

There are a broad range of multidisciplinary and specialist outpatient clinics provided at The Tweed, Murwillumbah District, Lismore Base and Grafton Base Hospitals. There are also outreach outpatient clinics provided at Ballina District and Casino and District Memorial Hospitals. These clinics are delivered at various sites including Outpatient Departments, Paediatric Units, clinic rooms and off-site in the community. Private Obstetric services are available in Lismore and John Flynn Hospital.

The Outpatient Department at The Tweed Hospital conducts the following clinics accessed by children ≤15 years:

  • Special Care Nursery and Paediatric Unit discharge follow-up;
  • Fracture Clinic including Plaster services (provided by appropriately trained Enrolled Nurses not Plaster Technicians) with support consultations for patients with Physiotherapists when appropriate;
  • Pre Admission Nurse and Anaesthetist Assessment Clinics

Paediatric Clinics to assess children ≤15 years are also conducted in Tweed Paediatric Outpatients. These clinics include:

  • Weekly General Paediatric Clinic;
  • Weekly Community Clinic;
  • Weekly Complex Care Paediatric Clinic – this clinic is held in conjunction with KidScreen (monthly multidisciplinary clinic with Occupational Therapist, Speech Pathologist and Physiotherapy who see children identified with developmental difficulties requiring input from more than one discipline) for long term follow up;
  • Monthly Diabetes Clinic – in consultation with a Dietitian and Diabetic Educator;
  • Monthly VMO Review Clinic – follow up of children admitted to ward;
  • Paediatric Hospital in the Home.

Murwillumbah District Hospital conducts the following outpatient clinics accessed by children ≤15 years:

  • Weekly General Paediatric Clinic;
  • Weekly Community and Complex Care Paediatric Clinic.

The Tweed Hospital Paediatric Outpatient Clinic sees children with developmental and/or behavioural difficulties. The Complex Care Clinic sees at risk infants (including premature babies) and children including out of home care assessments and requests for medical examination for FACS. This clinic also supports Mums Using Other Substances (MUMS) – by providing antenatal paediatric consultations and long term multidisciplinary follow up of their children. Clinics are staffed by Staff Specialist Paediatricians and Advanced Training Registrars.

The Paediatric Service is supported by a clinical Genetics Outreach Service that works across the LHD.

Paediatric case conferencing is provided to Allied Health Teams at Tweed, Murwillumbah and Byron Community Health Centres. Paediatric case conferencing is also provided to Shaping Outcomes – Early Childhood Intervention Service.

It is hoped that in the future the LHD will be able to offer an outreach service to Byron Central Hospital and/or Pottsville HealthOne. Additional consultant staff would be needed to do this.

The Outpatient Department at Lismore Base Hospital conducts the following clinics accessed by children ≤15 years:

  • Twice weekly off-site Outpatient Paediatric Consultant and Registrar Clinics for Special Care Nursery and Paediatric Unit discharge follow-up. Appointments are also available for children and young people with general and complex care medical and behavioural issues;
  • Multidisciplinary Diabetes Clinic with patient and family, Diabetic Educator, patients GP and an Endocrinologist from John Hunter Hospital conducted twice per year. These clinics are also conducted twice yearly at Ballina;
  • Monthly Botox Clinic in Paediatric Unit;
  • Fracture Clinic including Plaster services;
  • Pre Admission Nurse and Anaesthetist Assessment Clinics;
  • Paediatric Acute Care Service (PACS), operates from Lismore Base Hospital Emergency Department.

The Outpatient Department at Grafton Base Hospital conducts the following clinics accessed by children ≤15 years:

  • Weekly Grafton General Paediatric Clinic;
  • Weekly Yamba Community Health General Paediatric Clinic;
  • Weekly Grafton ¾ day General Paediatric Clinic;
  • Grafton two – three per month General Paediatric Clinic depending on demand;
  • Monthly General Paediatric Clinic at Grafton Aboriginal Health Centre;
  • Commencing monthly Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule Assessment Clinic in 2017.

Referrals pathways:

All clinics are Medicare funded and consultations require a referral. The exception is the Aboriginal Medical Service appointments which are funded by MSOAP.

Referrals pathways include:

  • Aboriginal Medical Services;
  • Directly from GPs;
  • Via the ED;
  • Via a private specialist (for preadmission and perioperative clinics);
  • Via a General or Specialist Physicians, Registrars, or a Clinical Nurse Coordinator/Specialist as part of or discharge planning;
  • Each clinic has its own specific eligibility criteria and referral pathways;
  • Referrals to a Community Paediatrician require a parental Health Care Card.