Aboriginal Child and Family Health

Family Health Coordinator

The NNSW LHD Aboriginal Family Health Coordinator aims to reduce family violence. They work alongside Aboriginal people and their communities. They focus on the Aboriginal family, culture and healing. They also work to improve systems and better link up services.

Aboriginal Family Health Coordinators manage:

  • Mentoring and cultural supervision for Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal staff
  • Workforce development and training on topics including child protection, responding to child sexual assault, and domestic violence. This training is offered to LHD staff, and other government and non-government services across the LHD
  • Community development and engagement: Aboriginal Family Health Coordinators engage with community through:
    • Elders’ groups
    • Women’s groups
    • Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Services
    • Land Councils
    • Other Aboriginal organisations
  • Strategic partnerships and advocacy.
To contact the NNSW LHD Aboriginal Family Health Coordinator:
02 6640 0123

Aboriginal Child and Family Project Worker

The Aboriginal Child and Family Project Worker at Maclean Community Health is available Monday-Friday. There is also an Aboriginal Family Support Worker based at Goonellabah Child and Family Health Centre.

The Aboriginal Child and Family Project aims to improve the health and wellbeing of families with young children by:

  • Parenting support
  • Setting up informal support groups
  • Building networks
  • Access to appropriate services
  • Support and referral for Aboriginal children 0-8 years and their families regarding their health and developmental needs

The service is also a resource for health workers to ensure that services are culturally appropriate.

Aboriginal Family Violence Worker – Lismore

The Aboriginal Family Violence Worker covers the Lismore area. The worker is based at Goonellabah Community Health Centre.

The worker provides the following services for Aboriginal women and children experiencing the effects of family violence:

  • Consultation
  • Intake
  • Assessment
  • Referral
  • Short term intervention
  • Early intervention strategies and the development of safety plans
  • Empower Aboriginal women who and ensure safety for them and their children

They also provide:

  • Education programs with the community, women and families who have or are experiencing family violence
  • Access to appropriate Aboriginal and mainstream domestic and family violence services
  • Advocacy for clients who have experienced domestic and family violence
  • Collaboration with Aboriginal women, community members and other services to decrease family violence.
To access this service, phone the Goonellabah Community Health Centre:
(02) 6625 0111
For more information on the Aboriginal Family Violence Worker clink on the following link:

Goonellabah Child and Family Health Centre – Aboriginal Family Support Service

This service is funded by Families NSW. This service provides family support to Aboriginal families in the Lismore area with at least one child 0-5 years of age.

For an appointment with the Goonellabah Aboriginal Family Support Service clink on the following link:

Tweed Bugalwena Service

Bulgawena is an Aboriginal Health Service providing services/programs to meet the needs of individuals, families and the community.

These include:

Family Support Worker (0-8 years)

This service provides support to families with children. This includes:

  • Home visits
  • Phone support
  • Advocacy and referrals to other services
Child Health Worker (antenatal – 4 years)

Provides a supportive health service to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Families with children 0- 4 years.

Family Support Worker (Youth & Adult)

Provides advocacy, resources and appropriate referrals for youth and adults.

The service also provides community education on:

  • Understanding Domestic and Family Violence Prevention
  • Child sexual assault

Presentations and workshops to address community issues and needs are also available.

Child and Family Nurse

The Child and Family Nurse works with Aboriginal families with children 0 to 5 years of age. The service offers Universal Health Home Visiting, Early Childhood and Immunisation Clinics.

Health Promotion Officer / Otitis Media

Provides a range of health promotion and early intervention activities. These are relevant to the health needs of the local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Community.

Male Aboriginal Health Workers

Provides a professional and effective service Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander male clients. The service focuses on new fathers or those with children 0-8 years, supporting them to access appropriate services.

Generalist counsellor

Provides a professional and effective counselling and service coordination for local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander clients.

Male counsellor

Provides a professional counselling service to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander male clients.

Tweed Bugalwena runs the following programs:

  • Cooree Men’s Group
  • Home Immunisation Program
  • Jarjums and Family Clinic
  • Jarjums supported Play group
  • Health Healthing Walking group
  • Breast Screening Program
  • Exercise & Healthy Eating Programs
  • Ottitis Media Screening

Tweed Bugalwena Service also provides the following:

  • Provide support and appropriate referrals for clients
  • Work with clinical experts and counsellors to support families through short term intensive crisis
  • Support families to move to less intensive support
  • Respond to enquiries on emergency housing issues
  • Community Education and Community Development
  • Working with Aboriginal and mainstream local health and welfare services to:
    • Provide a culturally appropriate service
    • Align services with current legislation and update service policies
    • Take part in case conferences with other services
    • Coordinate client’s services and improve case management
    • Provide court support to clients and arrange Court Support training for other staff
    • Offer services in an appropriate individual or group setting, such as
      • Community Health sites
      • Cooloon Place
      • The client’s home
      • A school
      • In the community

To contact any of the services at Tweed Bugalwena phone:

(07) 5506 7597 and ask to speak to the particular worker you need

Aboriginal Liaison Officers and Aboriginal Health Program Staff

The Aboriginal Hospital Liaison Officer (AHLO) provides a culturally appropriate service to Aboriginal patients. They can be accessed by any department or ward regarding cultural responses, support and consultation.

Aboriginal Health Promotion staff provide culturally appropriate health education to Aboriginal communities. They target lifestyle issues associated with chronic disease to improve life expectancy for Aboriginal people. They promote early action and awareness of preventable diseases that lead to premature illness and death.

They address:

  • Smoking
  • Alcohol and other drugs
  • Poor nutrition
  • Obesity
  • Cancer awareness and prevention programs

To contact an Aboriginal Hospital Liaison Officer or Aboriginal Health Worker phone:

Lismore (02) 6620 7556 Tweed (07) 5506 7951 Grafton (02) 6640 2296

Ring the following numbers & ask to be connected to the AHO’s workers in the following areas:

Tweed: (07) 5506 7597
Ballina: (02) 6620 6200
Bonalbo: (02) 6665 4100
Coraki: (02) 6683 9000
Casino: (02) 6660 0610
Grafton: (02) 6640 2402
Lismore: (02) 6620 2967
Maclean: (02) 6640 0123
Muli Muli: (02) 6635 1487
Tabulam: (02) 6666 1538