Northern NSW LHD Research Principles

In Northern NSW LHD, we have a commitment to excellence in healthcare underpinned by the delivery of current, evidence-informed practice. We are also committed to continual improvement to advance the quality and effectiveness of our services, and ensure the healthcare we deliver is current. One way to achieve this is through research, which provides a robust and rigorous framework, based on the scientific method, to plan, undertake and evaluate projects to generate high-quality evidence. A key strategy to ensure the research undertaken by staff and collaborative partners is relevant, and likely to benefit the LHD, is defining research principles that align with local, state and national priorities.

The following statements constitute general research principles, which staff and collaborative partners can be guided by for engaging in research:

  • Minimise/prevent harm caused to patients while under hospital care#
  • Improve health of patients
  • Ensure timely access to healthcare
  • Support and promote value-based* healthcare
  • Improve patient-related experience and outcome measures
  • Reduce burden of disease and address issues that are of greatest population health need
  • Develop and support our people and culture

These principles reflect key areas against which LHD performance is measured and align with the fundamental notion of excellence in delivering timely, high quality and safe healthcare. It is highly encouraged that research conducted in the LHD align with at least one of these principles.

#The proportion of Australian hospital admissions with an adverse event (i.e. a hospital acquired complication) remains higher than desired (7 per 100 separations for NSW public hospitals in 2016-17; Productivity Commission, Report on Government Services: Chapter 12 Public Hospitals, Australian Government Productivity Commission, Editor 2017: Canberra).

*Value broadly refers to improving health outcomes, and experience, effectiveness and efficiency of care.