Young people aged 16-24 are the heaviest drinkers in Australia.

  • In Australia, young people (aged 16-24) drink more than any other age group

  • Most young people are exposed to alcohol before they are 18 years old.   It is often the parents who provide them with alcohol believing that supervising early exposure to alcohol will teach their children to become responsible drinkers.

  • Our brains are not fully developed until around 25 years of age. If you are a teenager and you binge drink or get blind drunk every weekend you could end up with permanent brain damage.

  • Drinking too much alcohol will influence how you behave, how well you remember ‘stuff’, and it will effect your ability to make decisions and solve problems. It can also make you feel really depressed and anxious.

  • Alcohol effects each of us differently. Our age, how much we weigh, whether we are male or female, how tired we are, all will influence how quickly we can break down alcohol and get it out of our body.

  • Getting drunk or being intoxicated can result in all kinds of harms because the more alcohol we drink, the more willing we are to take risks. Injuring yourself or others, getting into fights and arguments, motor vehicle crashes, having unsafe and unprotected sex are just a few problems that can happen when you drink too much on a particular occasion.  Did you know you can blackout by drinking too much alcohol too quickly? This is really dangerous.


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Effects of Alcohol on the Body

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