Get Healthy in Pregnancy

Get Healthy in Pregnancy is a free confidential information and/or telephone coaching service for all pregnant women.



Our health coaches provide expert advice to help your patients set goals to eat well, be active, avoid alcohol and maintain a healthy weight gain in pregnancy and beyond. All women (regardless of weight status) should be referred to the program.


How do I refer clients to the program?

There are three ways you can refer:

  1. Print a bulk referral form. Place the patient’s sticker from her file on the left hand side of the form and fill in the other details. Fax to 1300 013 242 at least once a week, even if not all 5 referrals were made. This form can be used by a number of midwives in a unit.
  2. Complete an individual referral form on your computer (even if it opened in Adobe Acrobat as a PDF, it is a fillable form) and then press the green ‘Email Form’ button which is located at the bottom of the form.
  3. Print the form (either fill in by typing into fields, or by hand writing after printing) and fax to 1300 013 242

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