Want to know more about being smoke free? Select one of the following groups.

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Kids & Families

Children and unborn babies can get sick from breathing in second hand smoke from other people's smoking. Have a look here to find out how to protect them.
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Young People

Reality unfiltered. The hard facts about smoking and the truth about the tobacco industry.
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Smoking is the leading cause of death and disease in Australia. Approximately 300 people die each week from illnesses caused by smoking.
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Older People

Did you know less people smoke now in Australia than they did 10 years ago. Quitting has many health benefits.
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Smoke Free Environments

It is no longer acceptable to smoke in many public places. Find out why and what the current law is...
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Smoke Free Healthcare

NSW Local Health District provides support to clients, patients, visitors and staff to either help them to quit or not to smoke while visiting Northern NSW Health services.