Sushi Balls

These sushi balls make a cute lunchbox addition. Adapt the recipe to fillings your family likes and get the kids involved in rolling the balls up.

Makes 8-10 balls
EVERYDAY Canteen Recipe


1 cup sushi rice
2 nori sheets (torn)
2 tablespoons sesame seeds
¾ cup fillings: we used some shredded chicken and rainbow salad
Pickled ginger and soy sauce to serve (optional)


Cook sushi rice as per packet instructions (usually takes about 20 minutes). Allow to cool until rice reaches room temperature.
Place nori in a blender and pulse until it forms small pieces.
Add remaining ingredients to blender (or you can hand stir) and mix for approximately 30 seconds, or well combined
Take about 1/3 cup of mixture at a time and roll into small balls. HINT dampening your hands may assist.
Place balls in the fridge until serving – they store well for up to 2 days.

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