Mini Pizzas

Canteen = Everyday

Mini Pizzas make great lunchbox foods – they can even be served at dinner time or as an after school snack. This recipe uses English muffins as a base but pita breads, wholemeal pocket breads/rolls or small wraps could also be used. Be creative and experiment with toppings! Kids will love to make these.


½ English muffin per pizza (or alternative base)


Tomato paste
Herbs such as oregano
Red or green capsicum
Pineapple pieces
Ham, chicken or tuna
Grated low fat cheese


Chopping board
Chopping knife
Oven tray


Spread the base with tomato paste
Top with any of the toppings – making sure to add lots of vegetables!
Sprinkle with cheese and herbs
Place under grill for 5 mins OR bake for 5 mins in a moderate oven

Serving suggestions:

Bake enough to wrap up and store in the refrigerator ready to put into lunchboxes each morning.
Mini pizzas can be made up and frozen (uncooked or cooked), until ready to use.

Recipe from the Kids in the Kitchen Cookbook, Health Dept WA

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