Dumpling Sandwiches

Jazz up the lunchbox with some dumpling inspired sandwiches. These are so simple to make, even your kids can get involved!



Bread slices
Filling of choice: simple spreads work, as do fillings such as mashed avocado and chicken or tuna and mayo.
Egg ring or cookie cutter. If you have a Gyoza mould it makes folding these super easy!


Use a rolling pin to flatten slices of bread.
Use an egg ring, cookie cutter or base of gyoza mould to cut circles into flattened bread.
Cover round of bread with spread of choice or fill with 1-2 teaspoons of filling.
Fold using gyoza mould or your fingers to seal edges creating a dumpling shape. You can also use a fork to gently press down with to seal the edges.

TIP – store bread off cuts in the freezer! You can use them as bread crumbs BUT we are developing some great recipes they can also be used in.

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