Cheesy Scones

Canteen = Everyday

A savoury variation to a traditional scone recipe

Serves: 30 scones


6 cups whole meal self-raising flour
120g margarine
1 ¾ cup milk
salt and pepper
1 ½ cups chopped chives/ shallots
3 large carrots, finely grated
1 ½ cups finely chopped spinach leaves
3 cups finely grated reduced-fat tasty cheese
olive oil spray


Heat oven to 200C (180C fan-forced) and line an oven tray with baking paper.
In a large bowl, add flour, salt, pepper and margarine. Mix with your hands until it resembles breadcrumbs.
Stir through chives, carrot, spinach and 2 cups of cheese and gradually add milk; mixing together to form a stiff dough – be careful not to over mix.
Gently knead a few times and flatten into a disc approx. 2cm thick.
Cut the dough into desired shapes and place on the prepared baking sheet. Brush with the remaining milk and sprinkle the remaining 1 cup of cheese on top.
Bake for 18-22 minutes, or until the tops are lightly golden. Cool on the tray for 5 minutes before transferring to a wire rack.
Freezes well, microwave with damp cloth to reheat – ensuring they don’t dry out.

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