Banana & Blueberry Muffins

These muffins are delicious, full of fruit and yoghurt and can be easily frozen ready to add to a lunchbox. The blueberries can be exchanged for your favourite fruit.


1/2 cup walnuts or pecan nuts (optional)
1/2 cup olive oil
200 grams natural yoghurt
4 tbls honey
3 bananas, mashed
1 cup shredded coconut
2 tsp cinnamon
2 tsp vanilla
1/4 tsp nutmeg
1 cup plain wholemeal flour
1 1/2 cups oats
1 cup bran (or 3/4 cup wheatgerm)
3 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp bi-carbonate of soda
125 grms frozen blueberries (or other fruit of choice such as diced pear)


Line muffin tins with baking paper or grease well. Preheat oven to 180 degrees.
Whisk olive oil and honey until combined, add the yoghurt and continue whisking until the oil is well mixed into the yoghurt.
In a separate bowl combine banana, coconut, cinnamon, vanilla and nutmeg then add to the oil mixture and stir until smooth.
In a separate bowl add flour, oats, bran, baking powder and soda. Stir in the banana mixture until just combined. Gently fold in the blueberries and nuts.
Spoon into muffin tins and bake for 20 mins or until skewer comes out clean.
Cool on wire rack.

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