Older People : CHEGS Class Outlines | Descriptions

What we do

CHEGS is currently running 45 Exercise, Stretch & Strengthen and Tai Chi classes in 15 centres in the Northern Rivers area. The classes are categorised as:

Online/Virtual Exercise Classes

Online exercise classes are ideal if there are no fitness classes you can attend nearby or if you would prefer to exercise at home. A qualified instructor leads the class, via video conferencing programs like Zoom. To take part you need a computer or tablet connected to the internet, set up where you can exercise safely. For example, in a space in your home that is free of trip hazards or rugs that may slip.

Living Longer Living Stronger (COTA NSW)

Living Longer Living Stronger is a group exercise class. It will help you to improve your strength, balance and fitness. The instructor will develop your own exercise program, based on your goals and health conditions. There is a once off assessment fee to get you set up with your exercise program and then you pay for each class as you go, like the other CHEGs classes. You will have the support of exercising with others whilst having an exercise plan that is right for you. This class is suitable for any fitness level, and ideal if you need help managing a chronic health condition.

Cross Training

This class is the most difficult in terms of aerobic moves, strength and balance exercises and coordination. A cross-training class aims to improve cardiovascular fitness, motor skills, muscular strength and endurance for the whole body. It consists of a warm-up, aerobic movements, strength and resistance training using weights, (dumbbells, resistance bands etc.), followed by stretching and relaxation. Exercises are performed in standing or on the floor.

Light Pace

This is the next class down and is easier in all components than the Cross Training. Light pace classes include a gentle warm up, easy cardio, whole body strength and stretching exercises, balance and relaxation. The main difference between a Light Pace and a Cross-Training class is that in a Light Pace class, the strength, stretching and relaxation are done while sitting or standing not on the floor.

Gentle Exercise

This class is gentler still, making it the most suitable for beginners. It is a good class for those who have minor mobility or balance problems and difficulty moving freely without support. Exercises are modified according to the ability of participants and can be done seated or standing next to a chair (no floor exercises). This class incorporates exercises from evidence based falls prevention programs and includes an easy warm-up, strength exercises for major muscle groups, balance exercises, stretching and relaxation exercises.

Stretch and Strengthen

This class is predominantly a strength and stretching class performed on mats on the floor, but exercises in standing can be included. It includes dynamic and static stretching, breathing exercises and relaxation. The class focuses on improving core stability, body alignment, stamina and the integration of breathing and movement. This class may incorporate practices from Yoga or Pilates.

Tai Chi and Qigong

The ancient Chinese practices of tai chi and qigong (pronounced CHEE-gung) combine slow, deliberate movements, meditation, and breathing exercises. The classes include low-impact moving meditations for coordination, balance, stress relief and relaxation.

"Pain-Away" Aqua

This class is run in chest deep warm water. No swimming ability is required. Gentle movements to stretch and strengthen your whole body and reduce joint and muscle pain.

Light Pace Aqua

Includes gentle warm-up in waist deep warm water. Easy cardio, whole body strength and stretching exercises. A great way to improve fitness, muscle strength, balance and joint range of movement.

Stepping On

This is a free, exciting and friendly community based, seven week falls prevention program.  It gives information on how to prevent falling, what causes falls in older people, and what changes they can make to reduce their risk of falling and remain active and independent.