Follow our 5 steps to help you get active.

Try and be active throughout your day, EVERY day. Always look for ways to become more active.


Find a goal and an activity.

  • Try to be active in many as ways as possible. Pick activities that you like and then you will be more likely to continue doing them.

  • If you aren’t usually active, use the 30 minutes a day as your goal. Start with 10 to 15 minutes of continuous exercise and work up to 30 minutes. Once you have reached this goal, reward yourself and find a new challenge.

  • You can break up the 30 minutes to 10 minutes of exercise 3 times a day or even 15 minutes of exercise twice daily.

  • Doing more than 30 minutes is fantastic! Doing less then 30 minutes, don’t worry. Any extra activity you can do will be good for your health.
  • Make it easy stop finding excuses.

  • Set a start date. If you are starting exercise always remember to make it easy not too hard. Start out slowly and increase the amount of activity you do over time.

  • Choose a time to be active every day and get into a routine.

  • Put reminders around your home or on the fridge door to remind you to do some activity.

  • How many times have you said…..

    “I am too old

    “I have a health problem and exercise might make it worse”

    “ I might get injured!”

    “ I don’t feel like it”

    • Sometimes things can happen that will interrupt your routine. Don’t worry about it, just try and get back on track as soon as you can! Don’t push yourself too hard. Be active but also be kind to yourself.

    • Remember most health problems can be helped by being active. Always check with your GP, nurse, physiotherapist, podiatrist about the type and amount of activity you can do.

    • You will wear out more quickly if you do nothing! Once you get started you will have more energy and feel less tired.

  • You are never too old, there is always something to do even while waiting for the kettle to boil or watching television!
  • Safety first.

  • Start slowly and allow your body to warm up. Increase your activity over weeks not days. Too much too quickly will increase your risk of injury. Always remember to cool down with stretching exercises after your exercise.

  • Remember to wear loose clothes and supportive shoes.

  • While you are doing your exercise you should be able to talk without losing your breath. Remember to set the right pace and if you feel any pain, SLOW DOWN OR STOP!

  • Mix it up, find a friend and get moving.

    How many times have you said…..“Exercise is boring”

    Sometimes lack of interest is the problem rather than lack of time. If you think exercise is boring…

    • Find a friend to exercise with or join a local exercise group. This will also help you to keep motivated. There are lots of friendly exercise groups for you to join across the North Coast

    • Exercise does not have to be painful or boring to be good for you. It is about getting more movement in your day and it should also be fun. Mix it up. Try a range of activities until you find something that you like.

    Different activities will help to improve your strength, flexibility and balance.

    • If you want to improve strength, balance and posture, try walking, pilates or yoga.

    • If you want to improve your flexibility try tai chi, bowls or gentle exercise classes.

    • Tai Chi, yoga and dancing are great for improving balance.

    • Swimming, aqua aerobics and golf are some other activities you may like to try.

    • Gardening provides hours of enjoyment and improves strength, flexibility and suppleness.

    No matter what the age remember water, eat well and slip slop, slap a hat on if exercising outdoors.

  • Wear hats, appropriate footwear and sunscreen when getting active outdoors.

  • Remember to drink plenty of water when you are exercising.

  • It is really important that you eat well. Good nutrition and healthy eating will help you to be active and stay active.

  • Being active is important to staying healthy. Be active every day in as many ways as you can!
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