Kids and Families

Healthy Eating

Need some tips and tricks about how to provide healthy food your family will love?

Being Active

Kids love to be active. Here are some ideas and ways of satisfying their need for activity.

Healthy Weight

Here are some programs and ideas to help kids and families reach and maintain a healthy weight.

Infant Hearing

Getting babies hearing checked at birth is very important. More information why and about our free infant screening program.

Healthy Places and Spaces

The way we plan and build our towns and villages can have a big effect on health behaviours and social interaction.


All the information parents, caregivers and teachers need to promote healthy eating and active living to school aged kids.

Risky Drinking

This section is for parents who want to know more about risky drinking as it relates to their children.

Fit 4 School

This checklist will help you as parents/carers consider a range of health and wellbeing issues and, if necessary, get help to maximise your child’s potential before they start school.

Early Childhood/Preschool

Creating healthy habits in toddlers and pre-schoolers is important. Here are lots of ideas families and educators can use to promote healthy eating and active living.