The way we plan and build our towns and villages can have a big effect on health behaviours and social interaction.

Healthy Local Food

Does your town or village have a community garden or a farmer’s market? Find out here.

Public Transport

Links to non-car transport options in your local community.

Walking, Cycling, Outdoor Places

Tips to getting fit using the natural and man-made infrastructure in your local community.

Smoke Free Public Places

More and more environments are becoming smoke free, find out why and what the current law is.


Alcohol related harm in our community can be minimised. Learn more about what we do and what you can do.

Planning for Better Health

The way we design our towns and villages can affect our health. Learn more about this here.

Drinking Water

Public water outlets mapped throughout Lismore, Casino and Ballina's Central Business District(s) as well as popular sports grounds and parks as listed by their relevant Council websites.