Want to know more about healthy eating?

Make Healthy Normal

Everyday ways to make healthy eating normal.

Getting started is as easy as "1, 2, 3".

Eat for Health

The Eatforhealth website has loads of information and tips on feeding your family.

Get Healthy NSW

Get Healthy NSW provides free personal health coaching and provides the expertise and motivation you need to help reach your goals.

Australian Dietary Guidelines Poster

Download this poster which shows just how much of each food group you should eat in a day.

Australian Dietary Guidelines

This 54-page booklet gives more detail on the Australian Dietary Guidelines.

Stairway to a Healthier Heart

This site shows how many kilojoules in fast foods and how you can burn them off.


Bone health is important and can prevent osteoporosis. Think osteoporosis, think calcium, vitamin D and exercise.

What's in Season, Eating Fresh

Including more vegetables and fruit in your diet doesn't have to be expensive. Use this guide to help you choose the best fresh produce all year round.

Stay up to date with the latest strategies in sports nutrition

Elite athletes don't eat up on junk foods to prepare for or after a game of sport. Find out more about what experts have to say about food and sport.