Live longer and stop sickness through healthy eating and active living.

“Staying physically active, eating plenty of unprocessed foods high in fibre, drinking alcohol within current guidelines, cutting back on red meat (especially processed meat), and keeping body weight in check, can each dramatically cut a person’s risk of being diagnosed with cancer – especially colorectal and breast cancer”.

Tim Crowe, Associate Professor in Nutrition at Deakin University

  • Evidence shows that through healthy lifestyle choices such as improving diet and being more physically active, we can help prevent or delay the onset of chronic diseases.
  • Unhealthy eating and not enough physical activity can easily lead to an increased risk of developing a chronic disease including  some cancers, heart disease and type 2 diabetes.
  • Chronic diseases are serious problems that may require ongoing medication for life.



Healthy Eating

Did you know that a balanced, healthy diet can improve your mood, your energy levels, assist with weight loss and even help you live longer? Take the Quiz to find out what are your barriers to Healthy Eating.

Australian Dietary Guidelines Poster

Download this poster of the Australian Dietary Guidelines which shows how much of each food group you should eat in a day.

Australian Dietary Guidelines

This pamphlet gives great tips on how to put together a healthy eating plan.