A wireless hand thanks to local generosity

A wireless hand thanks to local generosity

Since November last year, the Our Kids charity has been fundraising with the aim of purchasing two new Wireless CTG Machines for the Women’s Care Unit at Lismore Base Hospital.

While the usual Our Kids fundraising events were postponed due to COVID-19, it had been much more difficult for the charity to continue its support for the hospital.

Thanks to the Seaton Foundation, a generous donation of $40,000 has helped to purchase one new wireless CTG machine now in place at the hospital.

The wireless CTG machine helps the medical and Midwifery team monitor the vital signs of mother and baby during labour. Being wireless, the machine can be used during a water birth and also allow women to be mobile during labour.

“This is an incredible donation, Our Kids would like to thank the directors of the Seaton Foundation for their generous support which will be so beneficial for many families in our region,” Rebekka Battista, Fundraising Coordinator said.

Belinda Seaton of the Seaton Foundation, said the organisation is a strong ambassador for groups that aim to improve and benefit the community.

“We are proud to be supporting Our Kids to assist in changing the lives of people living in our Northern Rivers community,” Belinda said.

Our Kids founder and local paediatrician, Dr Chris Ingall, said it was a real blessing to have these machines in Lismore.

“As a paediatrician, I welcome the generosity of the Seaton Foundation in helping to purchase a new wireless CTG machine for the birthing unit,” Dr Ingall said.

“It means mothers can be free to move around the birth suite room, in or out of the water as they please, to make their birthing experience both more effective and less painful.

“For the baby, it means we have eyes on just how it is handling labour and we can pick up the early signs of distress, making it a much safer experience. I thank the Seaton Foundation Board for choosing to support Our Kids at this moment. It certainly helps to keep our babies local and safe.”

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