Maclean District Hospital ward reconfiguration

Community Information regarding Maclean District Hospital

Q: Are beds closing at Maclean District Hospital?
A: No. We are consolidating patients and staff into one ward, while the other ward will remain available for ‘surge’ capacity in times of peak activity.  This ward reconfiguration will continue to deliver high-quality patient care, as well as maximise the use of existing hospital resources and space.

Q: What does ‘surge’ capacity mean?
A: Surge capacity, or surge beds, are additional beds, which become available if there is high demand at the hospital.

Q: Are the services at Maclean District Hospital changing?
A: No. There are no changes to any services provided at the hospital. As with any hospital stay, patients are admitted to the appropriate facility and ward based on the level of care and treatment they require.

Q: Are staff being laid off?
A: No. There will be no loss of jobs. All nurses will transfer to the reconfigured ward. Two substantive positions will be affected by the change, and the hospital is talking with these staff about opportunities to work elsewhere in the hospital.

Q: Will patients continue to receive the level of care they need?
A: Yes. The hospital is increasing the Nursing Hours Per Patient Day (the number of nursing hours available for each patient) and are recruiting additional staff to support this increase.

Q: Is Maclean District Hospital closing?
A: No. There are no plans to close Maclean District Hospital. We value the ongoing role that Maclean District Hospital plays in the Clarence Health Service and our public health system, and our staff play an essential role in caring for this community.

Q: Is consultation occurring with staff and Unions?
A: Yes. Hospital management have met with staff this week, and will continue these discussions over the coming weeks. Northern NSW Local Health District will meet with the NSW Nurses & Midwives Association soon to discuss the changes.


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