Auxiliary efforts boost surgical equipment for Northern Rivers patients

Auxiliary efforts boost surgical equipment for Northern Rivers patients
Thanks to a large donation from the Lismore Base Hospital Auxiliary, patients in Northern NSW now have better access to the latest equipment for harvesting skin accurately and precisely.

Skin harvesting, or grafting, is a common procedure in surgical settings where patients need to have skin replaced or repaired.

The Auxiliary presented a new state-of-the-art Air Dermatome to the hospital on 30 January.

The $21,552 machine will mean patients have more access to surgical services which requires this technology, as well as benefitting from a speedier recovery with more predictable results.

The Air Dermatome is now the second of its kind within the Richmond Network in Northern NSW, which means the in-demand device can now be moved and used around three hospitals in, Ballina, Lismore and Casino to help with skin grafts.

Lismore Base Hospital General Manager, Ian Hatton, praised the Auxiliary for their hard work.

“We’re so lucky to have such a dedicated volunteer team working with us,” Ian said.
“Having this second machine not only helps us do multiple procedures at once, but also allows us to lend the machine to our other facilities in Northern NSW.”

The new Dermatome instrument will be used across most surgical specialities, including Orthopaedics, General Surgery and Vascular.

It will also assist with trauma and other chronic wound conditions that may require skin grafting, and is of particular benefit to patients undergoing cancer surgery.

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