Art of healing on display at Byron Central Hospital

Art of healing on display at Byron Central Hospital

Just over a year ago, patients being treated at Byron Central Hospital got the chance to proudly hang their art therapy work in the hospital foyer – with many pieces still around the hospital today.

Following on from the exhibitions success, artworks will again go on display at the hospital, created by patients as part of their healing journey.

Community Health Counsellor Michael Burgess who works with the patients said the program is hugely beneficial.

“It’s allowed people to be more than just a patient,” he said.

“It is an opportunity for patients to represent themselves as a creative talented person who has overcome adversity in their lives.”

“We’d again like to welcome the community to come and experience this healing journey through the artworks on display at the hospital.”

Byron Central Hospital Executive Officer and Director of Nursing Kylie Wilhelm said supporting the project was a no brainer.

“Many people think hospitals are just where sick people go, but they are actually a place of recovering and healing,” she said.

“These talented patients are showing how they have overcome hardship, and found a way of telling that story of healing and recovery through art.”

“And not only do they get to share their work with the world, but we get beautiful works on the wall.”

The artworks are now on display in the foyer of Byron Central Hospital.

Former patient Debra Barrand tells her story of healing through art – VIDEO LINK

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