‘Destination Medicine’ – new podcast series

‘Destination Medicine’ – new podcast series

A new and creative way to inform future doctors about career path options

Navigating the path from medical school to fully-fledged doctor can be a maze of choices and options,
with many forks in the road. With over 23 specialities, 81 fields of speciality practice and 86 speciality
titles, young medical trainees must, at some point, choose what area of medicine is for them.

To help make this choice, the Regional Training Hubs network is launching a new podcast today called
‘Destination Medicine’. The initial series of eight episodes will include a range of conversations,
featuring current doctors, specialists and medical students discussing career choices, what they enjoy
about their area of expertise and why they’ve chosen to work in various locations.

“The podcast is a great source of information and inspiration, presented in a creative way to help our
emerging doctors make informed career decisions,” Dr Sue Velovski, Clinical Director Northern NSW
Regional Training Hub, Lismore, said.

“It is important to allow trainees to realise that their training in regional and rural centres does not
jeopardise their career in medicine. In fact, in many cases, it will enhance their future prospects in
their chosen field.”

The network of Regional Training Hubs was created in 2017 by the Federal Government to promote
and help organise specialist training in regional areas.

“We work across the organisations involved in medical education and training, from university to
various workplaces; including public and private hospitals,” Dr Velovski said.

“We are all working to improve the coordination of all stages of medical training, from medical
student to fellowship, so our future doctors maximise their opportunities and hopefully gain as much
of their medical training as possible within our regional and rural areas. Destination Medicine is just
one of those initiatives.”

‘Destination Medicine’ will be officially launched today at this year’s Rural Medicine Australia
Conference on the Gold Coast, with the first four episodes of series one available to download later
today, via www.destinationmedicine.com.au or any podcast app. The first four episodes are:

Episode 1 – Dr. Justin Gladman
Title: Throw your hat into the ring
Justin Gladman is a descendant of the Wiradjuri people and is living the dream of working and living in
his home town of Broken Hill for the Royal Flying Doctor Service. In this episode of Destination
Medicine find out how by putting the right support systems in place and having a lot of determination
and drive can make that journey a lot less bumpy.

Episode 2: Dr. Theresa Pitts
Title: A General Paediatrician’s perfect career choice
Theresa Pitts was fortunate enough to receive a John Flynn Scholarship whilst she was studying
medicine and spent two weeks each year of her degree on the beautiful Flinders Island with the local
GP; and that’s when her love for country medicine was confirmed. In this episode of Destination
Medicine find out the benefits of working as a Paediatrician in the country and the joy of no traffic

Episode 3: Dr. Tim Duncan
Title: Lights, action, and far reaching places – a mega-directional career in medicine
Tim Duncan is an aeromedical retrieval specialist, a GP Anaesthetist and a film maker. Only two years
after graduating from medicine, Tim felt disconnected from who he really was and took a break from
medicine to study film. Before pursuing a career in film, Tim decided to do one last locum at Katherine,
in the Northern Territory. After a car accident on a silent and remote highway, Tim thought his life
may be coming to an end. In this episode of Destination Medicine, Tim will share a story with us, that
was both life affirming and life changing.

Episode 4: Dr. Teena Downton
Title: The Rural Generalist path to professional and lifestyle fulfilment
Teena Downton’s specialisation is a great example of the diversity you can have in your work, as a GP,
based in the country. You may have heard of the term ‘Rural Generalist’ but what does it mean and
what pathway do you take to be one? In this episode of Destination Medicine get ready to be
motivated as Teena speaks about the many hats she wears from working at the local Emergency
Department to being involved in the delivery of 150 babies!

The last four episodes will be released on the following dates:
6/11/2019 – Dr. Joel Riley – “Go where the disease is for a meaningful impact in your career”
20/11/2019 – Dr. Tim Baker – “Taking emergency medicine around the world and back”
4/12/2019 – Dr. Sarah McLain – “Being brave”
18/12/2019 – Dr. Sally Butchers – “Sally takes surgical career off the beaten track”

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