Corporate karaoke lifts cancer patients’ spirits

Corporate karaoke lifts cancer patients’ spirits
The success of this year’s Corporate Karaoke Cup is providing a lift to patients undergoing cancer treatment in Lismore.

The annual fundraising event by the Cancer Compassionate Fund raised over $17,500, with a large portion of these funds going to support several local initiatives for patients and their families at the North Coast Cancer Institute (NCCI).

Corporate Karaoke is an opportunity for local businesses to come together for a fun evening of friendly competition whilst raising funds for a worthy cause.

“This event was only made possible because of the continued support of many local businesses, it was a laugh from start to finish keeping the 600-strong crowd well entertained,” Cancer Compassionate Fund Chair, Patrick Fitzbugden, said.
“This year we are focusing on positive experiences for patients while they undergo cancer treatment,” Patrick said. “We’re all about improving quality of life.”

Following the event’s success, the Cancer Compassionate Fund is donating more than $10,000 to support the work of the Lismore Wig Library, petrol vouchers for patients experiencing financial hardship due to travel costs, and the Delta Dog project at North Coast Cancer Institute.

The Wig Library is operated by Kay Johnson, a retired local hairdresser who volunteers her time. The funds will go towards updating the library and continuing this valuable service.

“With these funds I’ve been able to buy 40 new wigs,” Kay said.

Rosie the Delta Dog is in her third year of visiting patients at NCCI. Rosie and her human, Lola, visit each fortnight with many patients sharing their pet stories. Often patients are away from home for periods of time and their pets have to stay behind.

“I love visiting and have so much dog love to share!” woofed Rosie.

The donation will assist in maintaining the costs associated with Rosie’s registrations and health.

“We are extremely grateful for the generous support of the Cancer Compassionate Fund and our community in providing these positive experiences for our patients,” Stephen Manley, Radiation Therapy Manager, NCCI, said.

The Cancer Compassionate Fund Inc was founded in 2015 to assist patients undergoing cancer treatment at the North Coast Cancer Institute who are most in need of financial assistance throughout their treatment journey.

To be involved with future fundraising events with the Cancer Compassionate Fund, contact Patrick Fitzbudgen on 0437 026 874 or email

Pictured above are, left to right:  NCCI Administration Officer Michelle Stone; Cancer Compassionate Fund Secretary Leanne Thompson; Delta Therapy Dog handler Lola Olley; Rosie the dog; Wig Library coordinator Kay Johnson; Palliative and Cancer Care Volunteer Annette O’Connor; NCCI Oncology and Haematology Social Worker Nora Thompson; Cancer Compassionate Fund Chair Patrick Fitzbudgen and NCCI Radiation Therapist David Sampson.


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