Public Health advice: Lake Ainsworth

Public Health advice: Lake Ainsworth
The North Coast Public Health Unit (PHU) is investigating reports that people have experienced vomiting and other symptoms after swimming in Lake Ainsworth.

At this stage, there are no clear explanations for the reported illnesses.

However, as a precaution, people should consider avoiding swimming there until the investigation is complete.

The PHU is seeking information from persons directly affected (or those providing care to those affected). People with symptoms are encouraged to see their doctor for advice and to submit a stool test. The PHU can be contacted on 1300 066 055.

It is timely to remind people that natural waterways such as dams, lakes and rivers may contain harmful bacteria and viruses especially after heavy rainfall. It is good practice to avoid swimming in lakes, creeks and rivers when they are visibly contaminated and for at least three days after heavy rain. Storms may wash contaminants into natural and constructed waterways, making them unsafe for swimming.

Water from waterways should be boiled or properly treated before drinking and swimmers at any time should avoid getting water into their mouths.

For more information about gastroenteritis, see the NSW Health web site:


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