Nimbin Auxiliary celebrates 70 years

Nimbin Auxiliary celebrates 70 years
The volunteers at the heart of the Nimbin Multi-Purpose Service have been celebrated today with a morning tea recognising 70 years of service.

Staff of the Nimbin MPS honoured the women and men of the Nimbin Hospital Auxiliary, and thanked them for their contributions and tireless work to improve the lives of patients and aged care residents at the service.

The Auxiliary punches well above its weight, raising a substantial amount of money from its small membership base. At present there are only around 15 active members, and 29 members in total.

In 2016-17 financial year, the Auxiliary raised $26,851 and during that year it gifted the Nimbin MPS with over $33,000 worth of medical equipment and furnishings.

“It’s a pleasure to mix with people wanting to give back to their community, and so inspiring to see all the effort our members put in,” Nimbin Hospital Auxiliary President, Robyn Roos, said.

During the last 10 years, the Auxiliary has donated $90,650 in items to benefit Nimbin patients.

“On behalf of the Nimbin staff and management, I sincerely thank the Nimbin Auxiliary for their tireless work,” Executive Officer/ Director of Nursing MPS Network, Nancy Martin, said.
“Their generosity is evident in the state-of-the-art lifting machine, the lovely new aged care furnishings and practical items like pressure-relieving mattresses they have generously provided to the facility. We celebrate their 70th Birthday and look forward to 70 more years of enthusiastic and selfless dedication by the members.”

There are few historical records remaining from the Auxiliary’s early days, but the story goes that the Auxiliary was formed out of a public meeting called by the Nimbin District Memorial Hospital Board in August 1947.

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