Rethink your drink: what’s in your cup?

Rethink your drink: what’s in your cup?
Improving nutrition and maintaining a healthy weight starts with making good choices.

As part of a state wide effort to create a healthier NSW, the Northern NSW Local Health District (NNSWLHD) is moving towards more nutritious food and drink choices for staff and visitors as part of a healthy lifestyle.

The NNSWLHD has a responsibility, as a health provider, to set a good example by making healthier choices easy.

We’re doing this by increasing the offerings of nutritious foods and drinks available for purchase on site and reducing the availability of less healthy options.

Over the coming months, visitors and staff at facilities throughout the local health district will start to notice some changes to drinks available for sale, as NNSWLHD works towards the removal of sugary drinks from sale by 1 December 2017.

With more than half of all adults and nearly one quarter of children overweight or obese, no single action will be able to tackle this issue, and offering healthier options is just one part of a range of initiatives designed to make healthy the new normal.

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