The Tweed Hospital marks Antibiotic Awareness Week

The Tweed Hospital marks Antibiotic Awareness Week
Antibiotic Awareness Week was celebrated at The Tweed Hospital from 14–20 November to raise awareness of antibiotic resistance.

Antibiotic Awareness Week is endorsed by the World Health Organization and acknowledges the global importance of this growing public health issue.

Staff at The Tweed Hospital combined their efforts to help address the issue of antibiotic resistance through a static display in the foyer and interactive information sessions regarding antibiotics and resistance.

Lydia Che AMS Pharmacist and Dr Alison Winning, ID Physician, visited the wards with a mobile interactive and educational display, providing quiz questions and competitions in order to win giant plush microbes.

The key messages delivered during Antibiotic Awareness Week were:

• Antibiotics are a precious resource that could be lost.

• Antibiotic resistance is happening now – it is a worldwide problem that affects human and animal health.

• Antibiotic resistance happens when bacteria stops an antibiotic from working effectively – meaning some infections may be impossible to treat.

• Few new antibiotics are being developed to help solve this problem.

• Misuse of antibiotics contributes to antibiotic resistance.

• Whenever antibiotics must be used, they must be used with care.

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