Health District champions against Domestic and Family Violence

Health District champions against Domestic and Family Violence
Northern NSW Local Health District (NNSW LHD) Board and Executive have pledged to become a champion of change in the area of domestic and family violence (DFV), pledging to be part of the solution to the issue across the Health District both within the workplace and in the community more broadly.

Northern NSW Local Health District Board Chair Dr Brian Pezzutti states the Board acknowledge DFV is an issue affecting everyone.

“Domestic and Family Violence is a concern for all, beyond the women and children most commonly the targets of such violence,” Dr Pezzutti said.

 “Every Australian can act to reduce the prevalence and impact of DFV at an individual level.  However, to support individual efforts, key community leaders need to take a strong stance on the issue.

“In recognition of this, the NNSW LHD Board and Executive are formally taking a public stance against DFV. The Board recognises and commits to addressing DFV, whether inside or outside of the workplace.”

Dr Pezzutti said the Board would take the lead in addressing DFV by putting in place strategies to address the issue, with the strategies overseen by NNSW LHD Chief Executive Wayne Jones who will report back to the Board on a regular basis.

The NNSW LHD Board and Executive undertook training on identifying DFV, the role of the Health Service in ensuring people affected by DFV have their needs met, the issue of DFV as a workplace issue, and ways to respond to DFV in the workplace.

“During the training we also learnt about the power of the bystander in DFV situations and the extent to which we should consider other people’s harmful behaviour our business, even when it doesn’t directly affect us,” Dr Pezzutti said.

The NNSW LHD will now develop a Family Violence Action Plan to guide the organisation in addressing domestic and family violence. Further, banners stating “Everyone has a right to live a life free from violence. The Health Service Says No to Domestic and Family Violence” will be placed at the entrance of all hospitals across the NNSW LHD.

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