Gains for Murwillumbah Paediatric Patients

Gains for Murwillumbah Paediatric Patients
The Model of Care for Paediatric Services introduced at Murwillumbah District Hospital (MDH) in December 2014 has proven to be successful.

Four important changes have occurred being:
  • expansion of the Specialist Paediatric Clinics
  • appointment of a new Nurse Unit Manager (NUM)
  • creation of a Paediatric Room in the Emergency Department (ED) and
  • provision of refresh and upskill education to the MDH Medical Officers and Nurses, who provide care for Paediatric patients that focusses on the detection and management of unwell children and childhood emergency illnesses.

We are also very pleased to welcome the appointment of Paediatrician, Dr Sanjeev Gupta to the Tweed Paediatric Network and Simone Hargraves as the new NUM of the MDH Paediatric Ward.

Dr Gupta has been conducting two Clinics per week in the child friendly environment of the MDH Paediatric Ward.

The upgrade and expansion of the MDH ED included the development of a Paediatric Room. This Room enables sicker children to be treated in comfort over a longer period in the MDH ED without having to be admitted, so allowing them to return home earlier.

Refresh and upskill education training for both Medical Officers and Nurses on Paediatric illnesses and the latest treatment techniques has been facilitated through a collaborative arrangement with the University Centre for Rural Health in its Murwillumbah Simulation Centre.

In addition, the MDH Paediatric Nurses have had the opportunity to rotate to the Paediatric Ward at The Tweed Hospital to upskill.

Recently we were delighted to receive positive feedback from some MDH Visiting Medical Officers regarding the success of the Clinics and the rapid access that can be provided to them.

I wish to extend my thanks and to commend the MDH Clinicians for their collaborative engagement in the making of these positive changes to strengthen the MDH Paediatric Service, so improving the care available to sick children in Murwillumbah and surrounds.

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