Cancer patients give high praise for care given

Cancer patients give high praise for care given
The Bureau of Health Information (BHI) and the Cancer Institute of NSW have released feedback from almost 6,500 patients from a Survey they conducted on Adult Admitted patients with cancer, who were admitted to a NSW public hospital for the period July 2013 until July 2014.

This feedback revealed that NNSW LHD came in second to Southern NSW LHD, which was rated the highest overall in New South Wales.

The report contained results of 36 questions, which were organised into four groups:
  • Access and continuity of care
  • Communication and patient engagement
  • Personalised and responsive care
  • Integrated and effective care.

Chris Crawford, Chief Executive, NNSW LHD said, “For NNSW LHD patients have responded positively to the questions and the results are very good.”

“I was particularly pleased to read that Grafton Base Hospital was one of the best three hospitals in NSW. Each of these hospitals received significantly better results than the rest of NSW for 12 of the survey questions,” Mr Crawford said.

The results were significantly higher for the LHD from patients when asked if they were involved in decisions about discharge and they said Staff completely considered their family and home situation when planning their discharges.

Patients gave high praise to the nurses saying they were kind and caring and were always treated with respect and dignity while in hospital.

Mr Crawford extended his appreciation to all the Clinicians and support Staff for the effort they make to achieve such pleasing results.

“Our clinical and support Staff are the face of the LHD. They are the first point of contact when patients are admitted to hospital, during their stay and when being discharged from hospital.

“It is heartening to receive such positive feedback from our patients. I thank our Clinicians and Staff for their dedication and the care they provide to patients across the LHD,” Mr Crawford said.

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