Volunteers needed to support Older People in Lismore Base Hospital

The Lismore Base Hospital is seeking applications from Volunteers to participate in an innovative program to support older people in hospital with dementia or patients who experience confusion during their hospital stay.

Anne Moehead, Nurse Practitioner, Psychogeriatrics said the hospital is hoping to recruit a significant number of Volunteers for this program.

“The aim of the program is to improve the overall hospital experience for people with dementia or other memory and thinking problems, when they are admitted to hospital,” Ms Moehead said.

Volunteers will provide one on one support aimed at assisting those experiencing dementia or confusion to feel more relaxed.

“This can be done through a variety of activities such as playing cards and reading books. In addition, Volunteers provide assistance to patients who require help with eating and drinking,” said Anne Moehead.

“Successful applicants will be provided with initial training and ongoing support. The Volunteers are expected to participate in the program for only a few hours each week and specific days and times are flexible.”

Volunteering has many benefits, apart from the satisfaction experienced from helping others, volunteering is also a way of learning and gaining new skills and developing new friendships.

Those interested in taking part in this volunteer program or for further information and an application package are encouraged to contact Anne Moehead:

(02) 6620 2612

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