Regional Hospital Revolutionizes Orthopaedic Procedure

Regional Hospital Revolutionizes Orthopaedic Procedure
This world beating procedure, introduced by Doctors Lawrence Kohan and Dennis Kerr from a Sydney Private Hospital has pioneered a revolutionary technique for managing pain after total joint replacement surgery.

Dr Brian Pezzutti, Anaesthetist and Board Chair of the Northern NSW Local Health District (NNSW LHD) said Doctors Kohan and Kerr are in Lismore to provide the latest education on joint replacement surgery to local Orthopaedic Surgical Teams.

“This revolutionary surgery allows for patients to be able to walk within four hours after having surgery and to go home within 24 hours, which is a huge benefit to the patients receiving this surgery in their recovery and return to normal life,” said Dr Pezzutti.

Local Surgeon Dr Richard Freihaut has teamed up with Dr Pezzutti to offer this amazing procedure over the last three years at Lismore Base Hospital (LBH).

Dr Pezzutti said “This technique of providing pain relief after surgery and the ability of the patients to walk comfortably soon after surgery, has reduced the risk of deep venous thrombosis.”

“This has been of enormous benefit to around 80 patients attending LBH for this procedure and has cut the average length of stay by half,” Dr Pezzutti said.

“It is hoped that this revolutionary procedure will be adopted more widely across the NNSW LHD and possibly beyond following today’s education session at the University Centre for Rural Health,” Dr Pezzutti said.

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