Grafton Staff Long Service Acknowledged

Grafton Staff Long Service Acknowledged
Northern NSW Local Health District Chief Executive, Chris Crawford, presented over 200 Grafton Base Hospital and Community and Allied Health Staff with long service badges today acknowledging their service to the Local Health District and its former administrations.

One Staff member will receive a 45 year badge and six others have accrued 40 years of service, which is an extraordinary achievement. Twelve others will receive 35 year badges and 32 will receive 30 year badges.

“Long service badges commence at 10 years and go up in increments of five years, so there are 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40 and 45 year badges. It is very rare for Staff to have worked for 40 and 45 years,” Mr Crawford said.

Mr Crawford said the last time Grafton Staff were presented with long service badges was in 2007. This recognition provides the Health Service with the opportunity to show its appreciation in acknowledging the valuable contribution Staff make to the provision of health services on the north coast over this long period of time.

“Staff are the most vital part of the health service – buildings and equipment are essential, but without the commitment and dedication of staff, the delivery of high quality care would be impossible.”

“Also of importance is the continuity of health care given by such long serving employees to our patients and to the community they serve,” Mr Crawford said.

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