Encouraging figures in lead up to World No Tobacco Day:

Encouraging figures in lead up to World No Tobacco Day:
With World No Tobacco Day on Saturday 31 May, figures reveal that a quarter of smokers in NSW (23 per cent) are planning to quit in the next 30 days . This means an estimated 200,000 people across NSW are making plans to quit. In Northern NSW, this could be as many as 12,500 smokers wanting to quit in the next month.

Jillian Adams, Health Promotion Manager for Northern NSW Local Health District said World No Tobacco Day on Saturday 31 May provides a great opportunity for smokers to mark the start of their quit journey.

“Tobacco is one of the most addictive substances known to humans, and is the largest cause of preventable death and disease in our community. Smoking kills 19,000 Australians each year, of which 8,000 are due to cancer . The latest available figures show that approximately 270 people die a year in Northern NSW from tobacco related illness . The health benefits alone can be enough incentive to kick the habit.

“With World No Tobacco Day this week, there is no better time to start your quit journey than by joining the hundreds of thousands of other smokers in Australia planning on commencing theirs.”

The research, commissioned by the Cancer Institute NSW, also revealed that the average number of quit attempts (5.2) has increased since 20111 and showed that feeling supported would be important for 85 per cent of smokers if they tried to quit1.

“It is promising to see that smokers are continuing with their efforts to quit, and that they are sticking at it but it’s important not to get disheartened if you slip-up at this time. Quitting for good often takes more than one attempt and you can make every day World No Tobacco Day,” said Ms Adams.

“Family and friends of smokers can play an essential role this World No Tobacco Day in supporting their loved ones to quit. There are also services available to smokers as they try to overcome their addiction. Quitline provides a free, confidential and individually tailored telephone service with a specially-trained Quitline Advisor, while the iCanQuit website offers a platform for members to share their hints, tips and thoughts around their own quit attempt with an online community.”

According to the Survey, the top two motivators for quitting are health or fitness (81 per cent) and cost (38 per cent)1, the latter becoming a more dominant motivator to quit for many smokers since the Federal Government’s 12.5 per cent tax increase on cigarettes came into effect in December 2013.

Quit support is available from Quitline on:
13 7848 (13 QUIT)

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