Lismore Base Hospital Pain Clinic 10 Years Old

Lismore Base Hospital Pain Clinic 10 Years Old
The Lismore Multidisciplinary Pain Management Clinic celebrated 10 years of operation recently. The Clinic was officially opened on 17th March 2003 and has been supported by the world renowned Pain Management and Research Centre based at Royal North Shore Hospital in Sydney.

In the 10 years since the opening of the Clinic, there has been increased awareness of chronic pain across the world with growing recognition of the debilitating effects of this condition.

“Recently, five new regional Multidisciplinary Pain Management Clinics were opened in New South Wales and the design of these Clinics is a replication of the Lismore service,” said David Beveridge, Nurse Practitioner.

“The Clinic has a Medical Specialist, Clinical Psychologist, Physiotherapists, Nurse Practitioner and Administration Staff,” Mr Beveridge said.

The Multidisciplinary Pain Management Clinic provides a service targeted towards assisting those with persisting or chronic pain and takes a self-management approach.

Treatment is focused on assisting patients to improve their level of function, decrease reliance on health services and re-engage in a higher quality of life.

Assessment and treatment of patients is from an interdisciplinary approach to managing pain. That is all the disciplines involved (Medical, Physiotherapy and Clinical Psychology) work together, treating Patients simultaneously, rather than working in parallel.

“The approach to treatment taken by the Clinic is strongly based on the current scientific literature, with a robust, evidence-based approach. This has resulted in high level patient outcomes. This point was reiterated by the Patients of the Pain Service who attended the function,” Mr Beveridge advised.

Paul Le Bars is one of the patients who attends the Clinic and came to the afternoon tea celebration. He explained how debilitated he was with chronic pain for over 20 years prior to attending the three week Pain Clinic IMPACT program in 2008.

Patients are referred to the Pain Service by their General Practitioners and all undertake an extensive assessment. Following this, a treatment plan is generated with many of these Patients returning to undertake the intensive IMPACT program.

For more information about referrals please contact the service on 6620 7250 during office hours.

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