Health Statistics for NNSWLHD

Choose the tab below to find out what’s new. The other tabs link to Northern NSW Local Health District (NNSWLHD) health profile reports and NNSWLHD population data including census information and population projections.


  1. Health profiles for the NNSWLHD population including the NNSWLHD Aboriginal population
  2. Australian Bureau of Statistics Community Profile and Time Series Profile for the NNSWLHD (2011 Census)
  3. Social Health Atlas Data – population characteristics by Local Government Area for the NNSWLHD (2011 Census)
  1. Population data explained
  2. Our Population Factsheet
  3. The NNSWLHD geographical region
  4. Australian Bureau of Statistics Census profiles
  5. Estimated resident population
  6. Population projections
  7. Social Health Atlas data
  1. Our Population’s Health Factsheet
  2. NNSWLHD Population Health profiles
  3. NNSWLHD Aboriginal Population Health profiles
  4. Other reports and links relevant to the NNSWLHD