The People and their Health


This online resource provides population and health data for people living in the Northern NSW Local Health District (NNSWLHD). The data and information presented here draws on locally produced analyses, the NSW Ministry of Health online resource – Health Statistics NSW, The Australian Bureau of Statistics and a range of other sources.

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The People and their Health

The main source of health data for NSW Local Health Districts and Local Government Areas is the Health Statistics NSW website compiled by the NSW Ministry of Health.


Health Statistics NSW is an interactive, web-based application that allows users to access data and tailor reports about the health of the New South Wales population for their own use.


This site provides information about the health of the NSW community at the state and the local level. Indicators are added to the report every month and indicators already published are updated as appropriate.


Health Statistics NSW provides information on:


  • the health status and demography of the New South Wales community
  • health inequalities and the determinants of health
  • the burden of disease and current health challenges
  • trends in health and comparisons between age groups and geographic locations.


Health Statistics NSW provides information on:

Burden of Disease

  • deaths
  • hospitalisations
  • life expectancy

Social Determinants

  • education
  • income
  • pensions
  • health indicators by socioeconomic status

Environmental Determinants

  • air quality
  • drinking water

Health Related Behaviours

  • alcohol
  • overweight
  • physical activity
  • nutrition

Health Inequalities

  • aboriginal populations
  • rural and remote
  • socioeconomic status

Health Priorities

  • cancer
  • communicable disease
  • cardiovascular disease
  • diabetes
  • injury
  • mental health
  • oral health
  • respiratory disease: asthma, COPD, influenza

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