Medical Imaging

Medical imaging services at The Tweed Hospital provide radiology services for inpatients, outpatients, and patients presenting to the Emergency Department.

Our services include General Xray, Dental OPGs and Lateral Cephs, Ultrasound and MRIs, Fluoroscopy and barium studies and interventional studies. We also provide imaging services to support surgical and other procedures.

The referral process is based strictly on Medicare guidelines, with referrals accepted from eligible providers from any hospital in Australia.

Some tests require specialty professionals or equipment to perform the exam, and referrals from GP’s and specialists will depend on the type of test required.


Location: Ground Floor, The Tweed Hospital, Powell Street, Tweed Heads NSW 2485
Hours of Service: 7am to midnight, Monday to Friday. An on-call service is available after hours. Planned interventional radiology services operate 8am to 5pm Monday to Friday, including Ultrasound and MRI. CT is open during normal opening hours with on-call after midnight.
Contacting Us: Phone: (07) 5506 7619 or 7419; fax (07) 5506 7758