Surgical Services

Our theatre complex provides a wide range of elective surgery including general, orthopaedic, ophthalmic, ear, nose and throat, urology, gastroenterology, gynaecology, plastic and faciomaxillary surgery. The unit functions as a surgical ward admitting and preparing most elective surgery cases, and is responsible for the care and discharge of all elective surgery day cases.

We care for patients scheduled for surgery who have lower complexity with fewer co-morbidities. Patients with more complex medical conditions will be cared for at The Tweed Hospital.

Location: Level 1, Murwillumbah District Hospital, Ewing Street, Murwillumbah, NSW 2484
Hours of Service: 7am to 5.30pm, Monday to Thursday. 7am to 3.30pm Friday.
Contacting Us: Phone: (02) 6672 0000; Fax: (02) 6672 0299